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    1. M.B, BS (1980), Jordan University, Faculty of Medicine.

    2. Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology (1986), Department of Microbiology, Brigham Young Universiy, Provo, Utah, 84602, USA.   

    3. Post Doc. Fellowship in Clinical Microbiology,

            (1989) Pathology Department, School of Medicine.

            University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City,

            UT 84132, USA.

    4. Clinical Pathology Board (Clinical Microbiology)

     (1994), Jordan Medical Council Board.


    1. Elnasser Z A, Al aseel S M nbsp;Antibiotic Resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Patients in King Abdullah University Hospital in Jordan nbsp; Journal of Chemotherapy, Vol 21 - n 3 (12-15) - 2009


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    1.  Associate professor of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Jordan university of science and technology medical school. Current.

    2. Dean of the faculty of medicine at Yarmouk University. Up to Aug 2016.

    3. Special Advisor to the president of Yarmouk University for the school of medicine and the hospital affairs. Up to Sept. 2016.

    4. Chief Excutive Officer of  King Abdulla University Hospital, Dec. 2010- Feb. 2012. I worked on several issues including strategic planning, marketing planning , all quality programs and  increasing hospital competitiveness, and increase bed utilization.
    5. Deputy Director of King Abdulla University Hospital Nov. 2004 – Dec. 2010.
    6.  I worked also as the director of IT department and worked on the upgrade of the Hospital Information System. I headed the Central Tendering Committee for the last six years of the hospital (which was preceded by being a member at the University Tendering Committee) which resulted in buying most of the equipments of the hospital. I worked also as the director of the services department ,I also headed the high medical committee in the hospital. I worked on all of the quality programs in the hospital that ended by getting the hospital the ISO 9001 certification, Natioanl Hospital accreditation program PHR+.
      1.  I was directing all of the internal auditing teams for quality, which ended up by getting the hospital the Joint Commission Accreditation in 2009. 

      Summary of Hospital quality programs supervised

      1.  ISO 9001 obtained in 2005 and reaccredited for three times.

      2. HACCP obtained in 2009 and reaccredited for another 3 times.

      3. JCA accreditation , obtained in 2009.

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Curriculum Vitae